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Literacy Kits

All kits contain books, toys, DVD's and activity sheets with instructions.

  • Dinosaurs
  • Animals Around the World
  • Fairies
  • Disney Cars
  • Parachute Kit

Tech to Go!

Borrow an iPad Kit or Telus Smart Hub

iPad kits and Telus Hubs are available from our Library for a one-week loan with one renewal unless there is a hold on it. Check outs and returns must be made in person. If the library is closed you can return to the Village Office. Using the book return can cause damage to the device.

iPads come pre-loaded with a variety of apps for reading, word processing, photography, education, games, and more. You can also add your own apps using your own Apple ID. The iPad will be reset upon return to delete any of your data.

iPad kits come with a charger and charging cord, case and protector, keyboard, and carrying bag.

Telus Hubs

Smart hubs come with a quick start guide, power cord and ethernet cable.

Your library account must be in good standing and borrowers will need to read and sign our Internet & Computer Use Policy.

Help and training is available for those who would like it.

Fortis Alberta Power Monitor

The power monitor, supplied to the library courtesy of Fortis Alberta, allows you to better understand your electricity consumption and costs.

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